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Transmissions from Hawaii

May 31, 2022

Due to their status as one of the most isolated landmasses in the world, the Hawaiian islands are home to a diverse population of wildlife. This is particularly the case for birds. Unfortunately, Hawaii's diverse bird population is rapidly dwindling. Many bird species in Hawaii have already gone extinct and many of those that remain are in severe danger of going extinct in the near future. On this episode of Transmissions from Hawaii, Dr. Lindsay Young of Pacific Rim Conservation joins us to discuss Hawaii's bird extinction crisis.


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Guests & Links

  • Dr. Lindsay Young

Further Information

To watch the lecture given by Dr. Lindsay Young for the Hawaii State Public Library System, use the link below.

To learn more about Pacific Rim Conservation, visit the website via the link below.


  • Editing and sound design: Tony Vega
  • Transcript: Milabeats.go
  • Transmissions from Hawaii logo: fikrihidajat (Based on concept sketch by Tony Vega)
  • Featured image: Courtesy of Dr. Lindsay Young

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You can view the PDF transcript here.