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Transmissions from Hawaii

Nov 23, 2021

Dr. Richard Pyle is the senior curator of Ichthyology at Bishop Museum in Honolulu. He spends his days researching fish and whenever possible diving deep into the ocean in order to discover new species of fish. On this episode of Transmissions from Hawaii, we conclude our conversation with Dr. Richard Pyle. This time we are focusing on deep coral reefs, the creatures that inhabit them, ichthyology, and the ongoing threat of climate change.

Guests & Links

  • Dr. Richard Pyle

Further Information

To learn more about Dr. Richard Pyle, you can visit the website below.

To learn more about Bishop Museum, visit their website via the link below.



  • Editing and sound design: Tony Vega
  • Transcript: Milabeats.go
  • Transmissions from Hawaii logo: fikrihidajat (Based on concept sketch by Tony Vega)
  • Featured image: Courtesy of Richard Tanabe Jr.

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You can download the PDF transcript here.