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Transmissions from Hawaii

Apr 14, 2022

When people think of surfing, images of Hawaii often come to mind. This is rightfully so. Not only is Hawaii a mecca for surfers around the world, it is also where you end up when you look into the origins of surfing. But have you ever stopped to think about the origins of this now global sport? And what about how it is that surfing spread outside of Hawaii? On this episode of Transmissions from Hawaii, Dr. Scott Laderman of the University of Minnesota Duluth joins us to talk about his research on the complicated history of surfing.

Guests & Links

  • Dr. Scott Laderman

Further Information

You can use the link below to pick up a copy of Dr. Scott Laderman's book: Empire in Waves: A Political History of Surfing (Sport in World History Book 1).



  • Editing and sound design: Tony Vega
  • Transcript: Milabeats.go
  • Transmissions from Hawaii logo: fikrihidajat (Based on concept sketch by Tony Vega)
  • Featured image: Courtesy of Scott Laderman

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You can view the PDF transcript here.